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izPing :: Multihomed Internet links failover and recovery

izPing is a multihomed internet links tester, failover and recovery bash script for network balanced setups. When called from izBalancing it automate the process of failover and recovery of connected Internet lines.


  • GNU/Linux Firewall running Kernel >=2.6.10 (with iptables module CONNMARK available)
  • Bash Shell >= 2.0
  • Standard GNU/Linux coreutils utilities (cat, echo, grep, if, etc...)
  •  GNU Version of awk and sed utilities
  • GNU/Linux Netfilter user space utilities (iptables >= 1.2.11)
  • iproute2 utilities
  • Two or more Internet connections (also from different ISPs and IP classes)
  • An ethernet card for each ISP Router
  • izBalancing configured and running (


  • Download and configure izbalancing
  • copy the izping script into /etc/rc./init.d/ and run:
  • chmod 755 /etc/rc./init.d/izping
  • chkconfig izping off
  • edit the configuration variables inside izping script. Generally is needed to customize only MAILTO variable
  • configure and start izbalancing (nb. izping will be started inside izbalancing)
  • look into logs if izping is running: tail -f /var/log/izping.log

izPing Download

2013-10-11 | izPing version 1.5

- izping-1.5.tar.gz

2013-01-27 | izPing version 1.2

- izping-1.2.tar.gz

2012-12-31 | izPing version 1.1

- izping-1.1.tar.gz

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