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izBalancing :: Multihomed network loadbalancer

izBalancing is a GNU/Linux firewall/router bash script featuring in/out multihomed loadbalanced internet gateway traffic with failover facility

Key Features:

  • Multiple balanced default gateway configuration
  • Load Balanced outgoing connections from LAN to INTERNET connections
  • Management of multiple incoming connection from many INTERNET ISP lines to DMZ/LAN Servers
  • SystemV compliant script... you can run easly at boot up (like Red Hat, Fedora, SuSE, Mandrake, etc...)
  • Automatically discover your local IP addresses... you can change your IP without reconfigure this script, just restart
  • Start and Stop cleanly your multihomed configuration with simple command (izbalancing start|stop|restart)
  • Adding new internet connections is very fast and easy
  • You must provide the interface name, router ip address and a descriptive name only
  • If the izping daemon is installed into /etc/rc.d/init.d/ it will be used for automatic failover and recovery of internet lines


  • GNU/Linux Firewall running Kernel >=2.6.10 (with iptables module CONNMARK available)
  • Bash Shell >= 2.0
  • Standard GNU/Linux coreutils utilities (cat, echo, grep, if, etc...)
  •  GNU Version of awk and sed utilities
  • GNU/Linux Netfilter user space utilities (iptables >= 1.2.11)
  • iproute2 utilities
  • Two or more Internet connections (also from different ISPs and IP classes)
  • An ethernet card for each ISP Router


  • If using a Red Hat Linux based distribution, just copy the izbalancing script into /etc/rc./init.d/ and run:

    chmod 755 /etc/rc./init.d/izbalancing
    chkconfig izbalancing on
  • Configure or add the following variables into this script:

    GATEWAYS="interface1:gatewayip1:name1 interface2:gatewayip2:name2 interface3:gatewayip3:name3"
    BALANCED="name1 name2"
    VERIFY_HOSTS="ip1 ip2 ip3"
    FAILOVER_HOSTS="ip1 ip2 ip3"
  • Comment out the iptables rules as you need
  • usable special variables created on demand using the order specified in the GATEWAYS variable:

    $GWIFx = interface name (ex. GWIF1=eth1, GWIF2=eth2 so on...)
    $GWIPx = gateway ip address (ex. GWIP1=, GWIP2= so on...)
  • If the izping daemon script is installed into /etc/rc./init.d/, izbalancing will use it to make automatic failover and recovery of internet lines, checking the ip addresses specified into VERIFY_HOSTS and FAILOVER_HOSTS variables

izBalancing Download

2013-10-11 | izBalancing version 1.2

- izbalancing-1.2.tar.gz

2013-01-02 | izBalancing version 1.0

- izbalancing-1.0.tar.gz

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