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Synbak :: Universal Backup Software for Linux

Synbak is an software designed to unify several backup methods. Synbak provides a powerful reporting system and a very simple interface for configuration files. Synbak is a wrapper for several existing backup programs suppling the end... Dettagli >

izSynth - TTS/Text To Speech synthesizer, background music overlay assembler and audio file converter for PBX and Home Automation Systems

izSynth is a bash script running under Linux, written to automate the synthesis of voices used into izPBX System or for realtime TTS (Text To Speech) used into Home Automation solutions. It can use offline synthesis software like Loquendo (using... Dettagli >

izFirewall :: InitZero Linux firewall subsystem

izFirewall is a GNU/Linux firewall/iptables bash script featuring easy structured multi-zone setups: LAN DMZ INTERNET1 INTERNET2 INTERNET3 VPN1 VPN2 VPN3 etc... Key Features: Structured bach script Multi zone ready Easy... Dettagli >

izBalancing :: Multihomed network loadbalancer

izBalancing is a GNU/Linux firewall/router bash script featuring in/out multihomed loadbalanced internet gateway traffic with failover facility Key Features: Multiple balanced default gateway configuration Load Balanced outgoing... Dettagli >

izPing :: Multihomed Internet links failover and recovery

izPing is a multihomed internet links tester, failover and recovery bash script for network balanced setups. When called from izBalancing it automate the process of failover and recovery of connected Internet lines.   Requirements: GNU/Linux... Dettagli >